Our environment, our homes, our countries, our planet are in desperate need of our attention and it all starts at home.  The simplest changes in our daily routines can make such a great difference.

Our Environmental department concerns itself with a variety of environmental issues, and although all of them are important, our main focus for the current period is:

Biodiversity:  Protecting all life forms on our planet and researching new species.  Learning from our planet and its life and also conserving and projecting all elements of biodiversity to ensure sustainability and longevity for all ecosystems and life forms.

Animal and Nature protection and conservation:  Preserving all species and their habitats and monitoring the human impact on these ecosystems.

Climate Change and global warming:  Words we all hear every day but so few understand its real meaning.  A debated topic all over the world but one thing is for sure that it is as a direct result of human activity.  As humans cause the problem it is also humans who can solve the problem.  Through knowledge and understanding we can work together to fight against climate change and global warming.

Global Dimming:  A less known phenomenon but equally important.  Again a phenomenon that is caused by human development and can be solved by human intervention. 

Pollution: As we develop as humans we seem to increase the amount of waste products and this has a detrimental effect on our environment.  Our forests, our roads, our beaches and even our seas and oceans are filled with pollutants, and although we might think they are out of site they come back to haunt us in our foods.  We are not only talking about illegal dumping and chemical dumping, even a plastic bag that finds its way into the oceans and results in the death of a 100 year old turtle is a significant enough piece of pollution we need to take into consideration.   

Habitat Destruction for human development:  As our populations grow we need to expand our cities to allow for more housing for humans, and the cost is the destruction of habitats and ecosystems leading to the extinction of so many species.  We need to learn to coexist with the other species of this planet so that we can survive as well. 

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 This project is the great step for me in practicing the English language. I have been learning it for 6 years but that was the first time I had an opportunity to communicate in English in real life. I could easily understand almost everything I was told but sometimes I had some problems with expressing my ideas. I can say that I have improved my listening, speaking, writing and reading skills as we had different tasks which presupposed using all types of speech activities. English language is the international language, it also helped me understand participants' cultures, peculiarities of their mentalities. Now I understand better my gaps in learning English and feel ready to remove them all.


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