The area of health transcends the boundaries of several disciplines touching all aspects of life and survival on this planet. Under the burden of the rising incidence of chronic disease at increasingly younger ages and among the most deprived groups of the population, the need to find evidence-based solutions for a multitude of illnesses poses a great challenge to researchers from diverse fields of scientific endeavour.

The increase in the Life Expectancy indicators and, at the same time, the decrease in the number of Years of Healthy Life, translates into huge economic costs on health systems, which acknowledge the need to focus on prevention rather than treatment in order to tackle chronic disease at its source. 

The rising volume of evidence demonstrating that patients with multiple health problems are the rule rather than the exception has highlighted the need to shift focus from traditional single-disease based approaches towards a more anthropocentric philosophy of healthcare. 

In view of all abovementioned, our organisation aspires:

·         To contribute to the development of the worldwide published clinical evidence base for several areas related to the maintenance of health and the prevention and treatment of illness.

·         To provide a resource of evidence-based information for both health professionals and the public seeking answers to health problems

·         The penetrate and investigate areas affecting health, which fall beyond the boundaries of the traditional health sector in order to shed light into the wider socioeconomic determinants of health

·         To provide evidence in support of the imperative for more anthropocentric approaches to healthcare, on the basis of biochemical individuality and genetic uniqueness

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"Where do I belong?" Youth Exchange - Romania was one of the most beautiful and succesful experiences I have had so far. I feel truly grateful for each and every person, story and moment we shared. The knowledge gained, the learning outcomes and engagement of participants was inspiring. The quality of each national team stood out throughout the entire project as the group dynamic grew with each day. WDIB was yet another amazing chance to work close to OTI representatives, to absorb their know-how and to gain new skills, as the involvment of each participant was taken care of, offering a feeling of empowerment and involvement. On a logistical level, the organising was spot on and each impediment was solved in a natural way, as part of the learning process. The chemistry we, as facilitators, felt was impressive and it gave us even more reasons to feel like it is worth it to keep going and to make the change we wish to make. After participating in many Eramus + projects, I can truly say this was one of the very best. This gives me hope and excitement for what is yet to come. Where do I belong? Where people as beautiful as those on this project are :) Thank you, OTI!!!

Teo Sarbu from Romania - "Where Do I Belong"

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