OTI started with a few people from different countries working on a common project in 2006.  Each partner in the project work either inclusively or exclusively on one particular part of the project and together a final result was produced.  The reality was that without the network of partners the results would not be possible and thus OTI was born.  Till this day this ideal is still our mission, to work together for a better world.

OTI has grown over the years to include more fields of research and development but the ideals have stayed the same.  Today we have as members some of the greatest minds in medical, historical, environmental and educational fields all over the world and our network is still growing.  Our network is not only made up of professionals in each field but of individual who form part of this planet and help to shape it though their everyday activities.      

If you feel you can contribute to our idea or if you just want to be a part of our network, feel free to sign up for a membership, we are all one big family here.

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 I improved my entrepreneurship skills during simulation activities and workshops (simulating how life in a community works and what a business person means to be, creating one object/service with materials from all participant countries; creating one magazine dedicated to youth). During these activities, I had to come up with innovative and creative ideas that finally were turned into actions. I was able to plan and manage on time our tasks in order to have a good output with our magazine and video. I learned how to take initiative in different working groups and I improved my creativity skills throughout the entire project.


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