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This article is designed to help participants that have participated in OTI projects that were organised by any organisation within the OTI network and its subsidiaries.

This guide is to help you organise your travel documents and travel cost statement in order for you to submit it for reimbursement as correctly as possible to our Accounting Department. The procedures described in this article are applied for any project that has been either funded by own resources, Erasmus+, Europe For Citizens, Creative Europe or other Horizon 2020 related funding schemes.

The Travel Cost Statement has instructions on how to complete it inside the excel file itself. The travel documents that should be accompanying the excel file should be all means of public transport from your home to the venue of the project activity.

- PCR and Rapid/Antigen Tests:

Only the PCR test that participants will undergo in Cyprus UPON ARRIVAL will be reimbursed in full by providing the necessary documentation after the mobility has been completed.

Any other PCR/Rapid Test or other test cost needed to exit or enter your own country cannot be covered, unfortunately.

For your information, if you are required to do a PCR/Rapid test for your return to your country through an authorised laboratory in Cyprus the cost cap that the Ministry of Health has put is 55eur for PCR test excluding VAT, and 25eur for Rapid/Antigen test excluding VAT. 


- Public Transportation

The Public Transportation system of Cyprus although not very popular for the residents of Cyprus, it can be useful for travelling within Cyprus.

The site to plan your journey using the Cyprus Public Transportation is This site includes time schedules and routes from the airports controlled by the Republic of Cyprus. (only Larnaca and Paphos) and between cities and within cities. For connections from the city to another city, you may use also the InterCity Bus site. All public transportation is under the ministry of transportation. More information can be found here.


Please note that you can buy any travel ticket on the bus from a bus driver or online depending on the route and bus service. Bus tickets look like this:

All methods mentioned above can only be reimbursed for the days of travel from/to a project. This means that extra days using the public methods above cannot be reimbursed.


- Bus Option

Because of the complex and usually scattered scheduled bus system, although it is getting much better, we can organise for you in cooperation with a local minibus company, minibuses that will take you from the airport at any time of your arrival towards the venue and if you need also for your departure, at any time during the departure day from the venue to any (legal) airport of Cyprus. These minibuses will be organised by the hosting organisation if you request them for any time at least 1 week before arrival. The costs are 40 for arrival and departure from Paphos or Larnaca airports. The costs are already deducted from the travel reimbursement table as set in Infopack 1.


- Flight Ticket:

The Accounts Department has established a policy that Private Travel Agencies will not be considered to be reimbursable anymore because of profiteering above real costs. Erasmus+ is very strict on the cost policies that all costs need to be value for money and cost-efficient. The Account Department has the right to reduce or reject any flight cost if it is considered not to be value for money.

Flight Tickets eligible for reimbursement are only online bookings from any available online flight booking platform.

In very rare cases that have been agreed prior to purchase of flight tickets, travel agencies may be approved, but again reasonable explanation as value for money needs to be kept.

For any eligible Flight Ticket to be reimbursed by the Accounts Department at least the following must be accompanying the Travel Cost Statement:

- Flight Booking Invoice including the name of the passenger, PNR Booking Code, From/To, Flight Number, Dates of Travel, Price (in any currency), Date of issue, Airline Name, Purchase details etc. This can be submitted to the Accounts Department via the online platform.

- At least ONE (1) Boarding Passes for each flight. The arrival boarding pass and the return boarding pass. If more than one flight was used to get from your home to the venue then for each flight you need to submit 1 boarding pass. Each boarding pass needs to indicate the flight time and date, name of the passenger, from/to, seat number, boarding bar code and other travel details usually printed on a boarding pass. If the boarding pass is issued originally online, then these should be attached to the online platform with the Travel Cost Statement. If the boarding pass was issued as a hard copy (paper boarding card), then these must be scanned at attached to the online platform with the Travel Cost Statement and after sent by post mail with all the other hardcopy original travel documents needed.

Even if the Coordinating Organisation might purchase the flight tickets, the participants must still keep the above boarding passes etc in original format.                  


- Other Costs:

- No other costs are eligible for travel reimbursement unless agreed with the hosting organisation prior to purchase.


Read More about the Covid-19 Risk Management for our Mobilities in Cyprus.

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