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Please take your time and fill in your youthpass during mobilities.

Youthpass is a European recognition instrument for identifying and documenting learning outcomes that are acquired in projects under the Erasmus+ Youth and the European Solidarity Corps programmes.


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Apply to Current Projects:

Participant Application Form
This application form is intended for participants that wish to participate in Projects that OTI Group & One Terrene International is involved in with partnerships in various Frameworks.

All data provided within this form will be handled according to the GDPR laws applicable and as mentioned in our Privacy Policy in the Policy Center.

About You

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Emergency Contact

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Project Specific Information

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(ex. vegan, I need a accessibility facilities at the venue, vegetarian)
Please upload your ID/Passport photo (the page(s) that has your personal details)
By signing and submitting this form you confirm that the details submitted are true to the best of your knowledge and that you have read all related Policies.

EHIC/GHIC Cards (Health Cards)


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