Advance Culinary Training (ACT)

Erasmus + : KA1 - Youth Exchange - Programme Countries

Place: United Kingdom, London

Activity Dates: 02/11/2017 - 10/11/2017

Project Description:

This project was initially planned as a training course looking at healthy lifestyles and working with youth workers to help young people understand the importance of this and also to train them to teach young people about cooking healthy and enhancing their skills to increase their chances of employment in the culinary fields. However due to the fact that more young people need to be exposed to this the partnership felt that it would be better to host it as a youth exchange and work with the youth to identify the real issues and after the project consider the option of a training course.

The main objectives of this youth exchange are to help young people develop their skills in the culinary field in order to increase their employability and also to help them understand the importance of healthy lifestyles with food being one of the main factors addressed. The target group and the participants in this project are young people from poor families and from remote areas who do not have the same opportunities as others and as a result will gain the most from this project.

The main issues covered in this project is dealing with food on a budget, preparing food which is healthy and tasty and developing the skills of these young people to be able to find employment in the various culinary fields.

Many young people have basic skills about cooking and we hope to help them develop these skills so that they can increase their chances of employment in these fields and at the same time promote healthy diets and lifestyles.



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