Be Part of the Solution - Germany

Be part of the solution was 01/12/2015 - 07/12/2015 in Germany. The idea was to bring closer countries that have conflict. The participating countries were Cyprus, Turkey, Croatia, Serbia, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Palestine, Kosovo, FYR Macedonia, Greece and the hosting country Germany. The idea was to bring people from these countries closer and to resolve/discuss in non-formal environment conflicts between the countries.

Dealing with emotions and historical facts that have been formed during the years in opposite opinions had led to long lasting discussions and debates that were very constructive for all the sides.

The project gave opportunities to listen and view the conflicts of other countries from both parts and try to understand that being out of conflict seems easier to solve than living in it every day.

During the project there was a specific day that a simulation was organized for the entire day. A very detailed and profiled scenario was given to every participant that had taken up that role and perform the role as better as possible. Some politicians, activists, organizationς, media, UN and many more had to realistically role play the scenario in order to simulate a real conflict area that was divided and wanted by everybody.

On the last day of activities, we had the chance to sit at the table with the conflict countries and debate/discuss and suggest with a structure dialogue format, our conflicts and ideal futures of our countries. Very emotional at times, many of us came closer and focused on the people side of history rather than the political aspects even if strong beliefs were presented.



Thank you for the opportunity!

Georgia, Michalis and Theo (Cyprus Team)