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Erasmus+: KA1 Mobility of Youth Workers (Training Course) 

Place: London

Dates: 18/08/2015 - 26/08/2015

Technology is found at our fingertips with technological advancement being developed each day to make us completely dependent on technology almost to the point where the inability to use technology leaves us lost. We have seen that young people grow more and more dependent on technology and in many cases even addicted to it. With technology becoming second nature very few young people try to develop their skills in these fields to increase their employment.

Our project will look at methods to enhance or develop ICT skills for youth to increase their employability. We aim to help young people identify jobs and even create jobs in the technological fields and also help them find sources of information to help them develop these skills further.

The objectives of the training course are to exchange good and bad practices with youth workers in different countries and to create a common system to help young people find employment in the technological fields more easily. Additionally creating awareness of technology based jobs and allowing young people to utilise and enhance their ICT skills to increase their employability.

The main issues addressed in this training course are youth unemployment. With increasing youth unemployment rates in the EU we need to develop systems that allow young people to utilise their skills and enhance their skills to create new employment opportunities and also to make them more employable. We will also look at methods that young people can increase their digital competences in order to increase their employability.

The training course will also examine and explore different national and EU tools available to youth and youth workers to help them increase their competences and also to find employment.

By working together and exploring all these avenues we believe that we can help young people in all of our communities to be more employable and also help them create employment opportunities. We will be able to help them develop their skills and also utilise their current skills to find employment.

We will look at the ICT needs of our society and help to create the tools and methodologies to ensure that our youth have the needed skills.



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