Di.S.E.E.: Digital Skills for Sustainability and Environmental Education

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Erasmus + : Mobility of Youth Workers - Programme Countries

Place:  Senigallia, Italy

Activity Dates: 13/06/2023 - 20/06/2023

Countries: Italy, Cyprus, France and Spain

Participants per country: 6/2

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Apply until 15 of May 2023

Project Description:

The training course “Di.S.e.e. - Digital skills for sustainability and environmental education” is a project born from the need to raise awareness about sustainability and environmental issues using the power of digital tools. Despite international efforts, there is still a lack of common understanding of education for sustainable development and, stemming from this, difficulties in bringing environmental sustainability into the mainstream activities of education institutions and in youth work.

This training is born to respond to this need and the need to strengthen the youth workers, educators, and trainers' capacity to transmit these relevant issues to young people. Also, it is an opportunity for young people to discover more about those topics and brainstorm together how they can be more suitable for a digital education era. Indeed, the general objective focuses on how to strengthen the impact of sustainable and environmental education through digital skills and approaches. This frame is particularly strong during and after the pandemic experience, as we need to collect and enhance the great digital education experience, to make it usable in a better way in future.

Objectives of the project:

- Develop and strengthen digital skills in order to improve the environment and sustainability education strategy in Europe;
- Raise awareness in the local community, about the importance of the topic and the quality of digital education outputs and use those to facilitate the learning process.
- Give practical tools (video, radio etc…) to educators, trainers, and youth workers to enhance their capacity to operate in digital and in-presence sessions about environmental and sustainability education;
- Foster the correct use of digital education environments and tools, spreading the security online strategy.


Participants Profile:

- Young people active in their community or NGO
- At least basic experience of Erasmus+
- Interested in developing new local youth initiatives
- Wish and ability to participate fully in the event
- Good level of English to actively follow the activities and contribute to them
- Age: over 18 years old




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