East Meets West

Location/Country: Agios Theodoros, Larnaca, Cyprus

Project Dates: 05/03/2014 - 11/03/2014

Project Description:

The youth of the world need to unite in order to understand each other better in order to create a stronger and better Europe.  This includes the youth of Eastern Europe.  Our training course will include partners from a variety of EU countries and also two Eastern European Countries, of the Eastern Partnership.  This will allow for great diversity and learning from each other.

Our training course will help to develop and increase tolerance between the partner countries and build on friendships and future partnerships with special emphasis on youth in each of our countries.  We will look at how stereotypes create platforms for discrimination and how we youth can break these walls.  We will see how cultural similarities can be found and used for better cooperation and understanding.

The training course is developed for youth workers and youth to work together to bring East and West closer and to be able to work with the youth of Europe to allow for a stronger Europe and a better, equal future for all people of Europe.

The project will include a variety of themes including religion, governments, social status, languages, history and culture to find as many common aspects to allow for better cooperation between our nations.