Employment Opportunities Using Our Natural Resources

Employment Opportunities Using Our Natural Resources 060466


Erasmus + : KA105 - Youth Exchange - Programme Countries

Place: Protaras, Cyprus

Activity Dates: 03/06/2021 - 11/06/2021

Project Description:
This training course is a follow up of a very successful youth exchange undertaken by us under the Youth in Action program which was implemented in March 2014. Since the project proved so successful we decided to host a training course with the same subject.

Energy resources today are a global subject that is addressed in many levels, political, religious but also for technological innovation and for future jobs as well as for environment preservation.

A training course that aims to bring together young people from selected countries that have various energy types of resources will help young people develop a spherical approach to these matters as well as how they can utilize these energy opportunities to create or find jobs in these fields. Youth workers and trainers participating will also have the chance to learn about how each participating country utilize these resources for the better future development of each country but also finding/creating future jobs.

At the same time, participants will develop ideas on how energy affects daily life as also reflect on how each country's educational system provides guidance for such future opportunities. Green Energy, Conventional Energy, and Renewable Energy are some of the definitions that together these participants will have the chance to elaborate. Information about global energy but specifically what Europe can provide in energy resources and innovative ways to utilize effectively energy will be presented and discussed. We will look into how the world would be without energy and learn to appreciate what our environment has to offer as well as protecting it. We will discuss the types of energy surrounding us and where the future is leading in matters of renewable sources of energy.

With this project, we hope to improve the knowledge of people about energy resources in the participating European countries and their emerging trends of energy, as well as how each country can utilize and prepare young people to get or create future jobs in the field of energy.