Erasmus + : KA1 - Youth Exchange - Programme Countries

Place: United Kingdom, London

Activity Dates: 12/03/2018 - 20/03/2018



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Project Description:
Young people often love being a part of the EU and enjoy the benefits of it, but some conflict arises in questions they don’t seem to understand the answers to. If you ask most young people what they think of the EU, they will tell you that they can travel freely, study and work in any country, travel with an ID card. Yet, when you ask about who controls the EU chances are you will hear answers like Germany or the 3 or 4 of the major countries of the EU. So are they saying or feeling that the largest economic countries are also the ones controlling the EU?

The partnership believes that young people lack the understanding of the idea of the EU, being born into a system they don’t truly understand, and yet too young to be able to compare the differences of life inside and outside the EU. Are our schools not educating our youth on the meaning of the EU and the role each country plays in the EU. Is the media affecting the understanding of what is truly happening in the EU? If the ideology of the EU is not understood by our youth, what does the future of the EU hold for us and what will become of the EU?

We have already established that young people understand some of the benefits of being in the EU, these mostly being the Mobility Treaty but what about the other rights, do we know them, do we understand them?

This project will look at the EU from the perspective of the ideology. What is the real idea of the EU and how do each of our countries play a role in this EU? Looking deeply into how each of us play a role in the EU. What does the EU expect from us as people and countries, and what do we expect from the EU? What does it mean to be an EU citizen, what are the responsibilities and what are the rewards? What rights come with being an EU citizens and how do we treat these rights? Do we enjoy all these rights or are they simply another empty promise?

We will look at EU enlargement and the democratic process of the EU and see how we can be more involved in the EU, making it a better place for all of us. The objectives include cultural understanding, seeing how every country in the EU contributes to the EU and how the EU invests in its members and its people. Allowing Europeans to learn from each other and truly being united in diversity.

We will examine the EU treaties and even EU laws and policies, see how our country influenced these, and more importantly how we as young people can influence and affect future policy in the EU.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission (Erasmus + Programme). These publication(s) article(s), video(s) and magazine(s) reflect the views only of the author(s), and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.