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Erasmus +:KA1 - Youth Exchange - Programme Countries

Place:Cyprus, Protaras

Dates:12/12/2016 - 19/12/2016

Project Description:

In our societies we have grown to believe that some people are designed to participate in sports and others are not.  We believe some people are good at sports and some people are bad at sports.  Realistically speaking though have we given everyone a chance to prove themselves, to at least try to participate in a sport?

When we create the impression that only the best are good enough it means we are closing our doors to so many people who are capable of achieving greatness.  We want to show that all people are capable of participating in sports and that by encouraging people to participate and at least try we can give young people the opportunities to find a sports that is right for them.  We believe that all people should be active in sports in one way or another and this training course will work with youth workers to develop and explore methodologies of making sports accessible to everyone.

We will also explore the accessibility of sports to disadvantages people and even disables people.  

The youth exchange will look at legislation in different countries and also the resources available and also look at EU law and see how we can help make policy reform to enable the inclusion of all people in sports.

We will identify the problems in each of the communities that make access to sports more difficult to young people and try to establish methods to overcome these problems.


Food, Accomodation is covered 100%. Travel Costs up to budget according to Erasmus + programme.


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