Is It Mine

Erasmus+: KA1  Youth Mobility (Youth Exchange) 

Place: Cyprus

Dates: 15/04/2015 - 23/04/2015

Culture takes up many forms, but the most important element of any culture is how it defines us as people.  We often forget what our culture is or even how it has influenced our lives, in many cases we even adopt other cultures into our lives and make them our own.   

Culture has often been the bases of stereotype creations or even conflicts.  We often hear discriminating comments based on cultural differences or because of some customs or traditions we saw in another country.  

Our project will explore the roots of our different cultures and even those of other countries not involved in our project and discover what makes up our culture.  We will learn from each other and we will share our culture with our friends in every form possible from food to art and through this sharing we will discover just how much we have in common and how understanding and sharing can result in a more unified EU.  

The project will look at the effects of globalisation on our cultures and how we as youth are influenced by different cultural aspects.  How young people preserve their culture and we will question why our culture is important to us and why it is important for Europe to respect the individual cultures of its member states and its people.  

We believe that by analysing our cultures and especially the roots of our cultures we will learn how our cultures were influenced by each other and although we have differences, our similarities are much greater than our differences.



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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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