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Erasmus+: KA1 Mobility of Youth Workers (Training Course) 

Place: London

Dates: 01/12/2015 - 09/12/2015

This training course is designed for youth workers and staff working with young people with particular emphasis on young people who have left school early or did not have the opportunity to get tertiary education. Many young people feel that without a degree their chances of employment are extremely limited and feel they do not have a chance to get any employment. The project will evaluate the needs of young people and the labour market of each of the partner communities and also those in the EU and develop ways to help young people enhance their skills, education and competences to increase their employability.

We aim to exchange good and bad practices with the participants and to develop methodologies to help young people who have not obtained an education or skills to either obtain new skills or gain some education to make them more employable. We will look at different tools and opportunities available to youth on a local and EU level to help them gain an education or skills.

We need to identify the problems in each of the communities and also understand the opportunities available so that we can help youth in these fields and help them increase their employability. By giving the youth the tools to gain an education and increase their skills we are also helping them to find employment in an overly competitive market. In addition to enhancing education and skills we will also look at employment opportunities in each community and in the EU giving the youth the needed information to find the jobs which are right for them, allowing them to better understand the labour markets and how they fit into these. The project will create a better understand of the labour market showing the diverse needs of the market and how each person can find employment.

The youth workers and staff will be able to assist young people in these fields more readily as a result of this training course.




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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission (Erasmus + Programme).

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