The Future of Our Wellbeing



Erasmus + : KA105 - Youth Exchange - Programme Countries

Place: Balan, Romania

Activity Dates: 21/10/2021 - 29/10/2021


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1. Chopped

2. Green Food

3. Healthy Future

4. How To Food

5. Style Your Lifestyle (S.Y.L.)

6. ZAN




















Project Description:
The topic of healthy lifestyle and lifestyle choices has been a common phrase in our lives and a lot of focus has been given to lifestyle choices. The project is a youth exchange that will focus on the impact and long term effects of our choices as young people today. Although we feel that there is a basic understanding of the importance of lifestyle choices, we also feel that as young people feel that they are very young and will live forever, they often overlook the outcomes of their incorrect choices thinking it’s a problem for someone else and not one that they will face in the future.
The project will focus on active ageing, looking at the choices we make today and how they will impact our lives in the future. We have seen that medical advances have increased the average lifespan of humans compared to previous decades but we also see an increase in diseases, especially at younger ages. We have seen from the World Health Organisation that more young people suffer from obesity, diabetes, liver and heart failure. We also see that heart disease is now a disease for people in their thirties. Is the solution to health problems using more medicine in order to achieve longevity or should we try to avoid these diseases by understanding the long-term effects of our choices?
The project will focus on common concerns identified in young people in all of the partner countries, working together to find ways to combat misinformation and to promote healthy lifestyles and healthy longevity.
The idea of the project is not to force young people to make choices but to give them the tools and the knowledge to find information for themselves. To research the truth about diet choices, to see how their lifestyle choices will impact their lives and to understand the choices they have and how these will impact their lives.
We will look at diet choices, taking into account cultural elements, economic elements and geographic elements, seeing what access or limitations young have and how we can remedy any shortcomings in these areas.
We will also address these issues from the perspective of young people with fewer opportunities, these including economic, social, cultural, geographic and health obstacles. The idea is to ensure that all young people should have equal access to information and healthy lifestyle choices, allowing young people to have the same choices regardless of their background and taking their needs into account.
The youth exchange will bring young people from 9 different countries together to exchange and their ideas and learn from each other. By allowing these young people to work together on a common concern we will allow for cultural learning and for us to share the best practices as young people allowing us to share the outcomes with other young people who are the target group of this project.