What's My Employability

Erasmus+: KA1 - Mobility of Youth Workers - Programme Countries

Place: United Kingdom

Dates:  04/04/2016 - 12/04/2016

Unemployment, and especially youth unemployment is a major concern all over the EU.  Young people are more pressured into getting degrees and qualifications in order to increase their chances of employment but there seems to be a gap in the system as universities and schools are not being updated about the market trends and as a result the employability of youth is decreasing, even though their education is increasing.  This project will look at the concept of employability and look at the various tools available to youth to increase their employability.  We hope that with the various workshops and activities the youth will gain the knowledge and the tools for them to understand the markets better and to increase their employability.  We will look at issues like cross boarder employment, education, EVS, EURES, and other EU tools and discuss these in details, sharing experiences with each other and giving a better understanding of how these work.



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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission (Erasmus + Programme).

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