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European Solidarity Corps : ESC11 - Volunteering Projects

Place: Cyprus, Lefkosia

Activity Dates: 01/11/2019 - 31/07/2020

Countries: Cyprus, France, Italy, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom,

Participants per country: 1


The idea of the ESC Project:

The ESC project is coordinated by One Terrene International and Hosted at our Youth Centre (target groups from 18-30years old), in the suburbs of Lefkosia District, Strovolos Cyprus. The idea of the project is to have young people involved with local youth, identifying common problems and creating events and interactive workshops to address these issues. The project will be fun and packed with exciting activities for the volunteers working in different areas of the Youth Centre and with local youth, working with professional youth workers and trainers and developing a series of fun activities at the Youth Centre.

Areas of work at the Youth Centre:

OTI Radio and OTI Web TV – hosting shows on our very own Online Radio Station and TV.

OTI Media – Creating promotional and digital material for social media and online content.

OTI House | Nautilos Youth Center – Creating events and activities for local youth at the youth center and in other areas in Cyprus

Other Activities that you will be involved with:

  1. Nautilos Cycling Club
  2. OTI Hiking Club
  3. Nautilos SAR
  4. One Terrene International
  5. Theatre (improvisation classes, performance, final product: a theatrical play on stage)
  6. Other Youth Initiatives and Themed Events

Areas of interest for the events and activities of the Youth Centre:





Youth Opportunities

Active Citizenship

Active Participation

Inclusion - Equality

Competence and Skill Development

• And many more thematic topics

PARTICIPANT REGISTRATION FORM (Obligatory for all ESC/ESC participants)

APPLY until 10th of October 2019

Participant Profile:

Age: 18 – 30

Participants with fewer opportunities should have priority. Gender balance, respect differences, and discretion should be kept. The selection process by the sending organization should be fair and open to all.

Participants should have an Intermediate level of English Communication. Volunteers will undergo a few interviews with the ESC Coordinator before the final selection. Participants must be registered on the European Solidarity Corps platform.

The selected participants will be invited to complete an online language assessment provided by the EU. (OLS) in the Greek Language.


  • Meet new people from different countries, create long-lasting friendships
  • Explore a new country and the opportunity to learn a new language
  • Shared Accommodation in the Center of the Organisation and is covered 100% by the program. Food Allowance of 4€ per day and €5 for Pocket Money per day. Fully equipped and furnished with WIFI access. Close to amenities and city center.
  • 5-day working week. Plus 2 days off (holiday) earned each passing month.
  • An Insurance Plan in parallel with your Health Card for the duration of your program.
  • Bicycle for local transportation.
  • Travel Budget (100% up to a budget)
  • Gaining competences such as digital skills, soft skills and other competencies for real hands-on experiences that will help future employability.
  • Training on Audio/Visual Equipment, develop skills in Radio Production and Digital Media. (including Design Basics, Video Producing, and Editing) 
  • Engage in creative processes to broaden skills and talents.
  • YOUTHPASS certificate.








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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission (European Solidarity Programme).

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