EVS/ESC Internal Voluntary Agreement

Below are the regulations that govern approved EVS/ESC Voluntary mobility projects, projects that will be submitted by the selected Applicant Organisation stated in the Call for Partners. This is the agreement for the implementation of these projects by the coordinating organisation and the partner organisations. This agreement constitutes the responsibilities of all the partner organisations involved in the project and their respective selected participants. During the selection of projects that you wish to partner with us, you accept this EVS/Voluntary terms along with the General Partner Agreement. As per signing your mandate you agree to the terms of this agreement and the General Partner Agreement.

Projects are approved for co-funding by the National Agency in the respected country that the project will be/has been submitted. This is an agreement between the partner organisation (sending organisation) and the Applicant Organisation therefore Coordinator (not necessarily the hosting organisation) for the approved project.

The Project Dates (project cycle) and the Activity Dates are sent to you as soon as the Grant Agreement is signed by the National Agency and the Coordinating Organisation.

The Coordinating/Hosting Organisation has the below Obligations/Responsibilities and Rights: 

• Is responsible for the application at their National Agency and the final report, and is supported by the partner organisations.

• Gives any necessary information about the project (organisation, living and working conditions, tasks) to the sending organisation and to the participant.

• Provides the participant with a monthly allowance for FOOD & HYGIENE. Cleaning Equipment (brooms, mops, sponges etc) will be provided by the organisation. Cleaning Products (dish washing liquid, toilet paper and other personal hygiene products etc.), are the participant's responsibility managing the allowance accordingly. The participant must provide suitable invoices and complete an Excel form detailing all expenses at the end of each month following the internal accounting rules of the organisation.

• Guarantees that the participant is registered in a language course using the OLS system platform if applicable by the application/grant or provides equivalent language learning opportunities to the participant.

• Ensures that the participant participated in the on-arrival (and mid-term) meeting(s) through the National Agency.

• Provides the participant with the "Pocket Money" according to the Erasmus+/ESC Guide.

• Finds suitable accommodation for the participant to live in for the entire duration of the participants mobility.

• Guarantees that a mentor will be assigned to the participant who will be selected by the participant or assigned to the participant by the organisation.

• Provides and presents to the participant the opportunity to obtain YouthPass at the end of the mobility.

• To get help from the Sending Organisation for the application, final report and follow up and/or advice about any issue or additional information regarding their participant.

The Sending/Partner Organisation ("Partner Organisation") has the below Obligations/Responsibilities and Rights:

• Is responsible for supporting the Organisation at the application phase and for the final report, as well as in providing all documentation, receipts and invoices related to the EVS/ESC mobility project.

• Takes responsibility in choosing and selecting the participant and in preparing the participant for the EVS/ESC mobility project and preparing the participant for staying in the concerned country and that the selected participant has sucessfully registered HERE for the project.

• Suggests options for travel arrangements for the participant following the Erasmus+/ESC Guide.

• Registers the participant in the Erasmus+/ESC insurance program (currently insurance company is CIGNA. To enrol a participant please use the registration form here).

• While being in the hosting country, the Partner Organisation will be in contact with the participant. In case of conflicts and other issues it supports the participant by providing suggestions and advices.

• Remains in contact with the participant throughout the EVS/ESC project and provides support when needed.

• After the return of the participant, the partner organisation will help the participant reintegrate into local society, to plan the future life and to support the participant. Will support follow-up activities.

• Will undertake at least one dissemination activity in their country after the project to promote the outcomes of the project in their country.

• Is responsible for supporting the Hosting Organisation in the implementation of the EVS/ESC project and ensuring that all goals and objectives are met. 

• Has the right to get information about modifications of the EVS/ESC project.

• Ensures that the participant participates actively in the preparation processes.

• Ensures that the Organisation gives any information about the application phase and the final report.

• Has the right to receive the below explained amounts as sending costs according to the duration of the mobility from the project costs for the preparation, implementation, support and dissemination of each activity for each   participant, for the entire duration of the service, this will be paid after receipt of the final payment from the National Agency after the submission of the final report but not later than 60 days from the date which the final report has been accepted by the National Agency. An invoices with detailed information of the tasks undertaken must be submitted to the coordinating organisation in due time. This is broken into several parts and consists of:

50% of the total approved sending costs:

- For the selection process of the participant. (The hosting organisation has the final desicion)

- For the pre-departure training of the participant.

- For the preparation of the participant (insurance, and other practical arrangements).

- For the (continuous) support and communication of and for the volunteer during the EVS/ESC mobility.

The other 50% of the approved sending costs will be given:

- After the completion of the project after completing at least one dissemination activity.

- After providing the participant with a final training to assist with the reintegration of the participant into the local society of the sending country.

- After providing all required documents and submitted all travel documents, surveys and other documents for supporting the final report and finalise the project.

Sending Costs according to duration of the mobility:

Duration of the EVS/ESC Mobility

Sending Costs

Short Term (up to 59 days)

€ 80

6 months

€ 150

9 months

€ 240

12 months

€ 360

These are considered as sending costs and can be adjusted by the Organisation accordingly if the above tasks are not completed or there is a dispute on proved damages of the participants fault or excessive bills.

• To receive the travel costs based on the actual costs if the Sending Organisation purchased it for the participant, once the invoices, boarding passes and all relevant documents are received by the Organisation. If tickets are purchased by the participant or the Organisation, then the party paying for the travel tickets will receive the amount in the same way mentioned above according to the distance band and Erasmus+/ESC Guide.  Errors in the distance calculation on the application may result in travel reimbursement costs being adjusted to be the same as the granted amount.