Shliakhova Veronika - Increasing Employability


Youth leadership. So much strength, energy and perspective in a two-word combination. Youth has always been and will always be the engine of world progress. Celebrating diversity of cultures, nationalities and religions, exchanging experiences and ideas in order to find the truth and benefit the world community by means of implementing multicultural youth projects and ideas - that’s what our future is. I was lucky enough to become a part of UN projects community and experience education, collaboration and development of important projects with amazing, intelligent and creative young delegates out of more than 10 countries. Working and getting new knowledge around such an enormous amount of young, ambitious world - changers is something you can keep talking about infinitely. I will try to keep the main point short.  Non-formal ways of education are becoming more and more popular nowadays. All of our dreams that came true were good planned goals. We are living in a century, where every single hobby could be monetized. Taking in a consideration an endless variety of opportunities and possibilities today’s world is giving us, it’s stupid not taking them. Our career and success is built out of numerous choices we make. Starting with school education, university and continuing with practice we’re getting etc. All of these aspects build up a whole picture of who you are and what your background is.  In the end, all of our achievements and backgrounds are supposed to lead us to something. Success. One word which has so many objectifications. One word which has so many meanings. One word which defines a «quality» of every single person in the world in the eyes of society. One word, which sometimes becomes a goal, sometimes a sense of life, sometimes (in case of its absence in one’s life) – smashing into pieces people’s dreams factor. So, the question is – what is success itself? Which way to choose in order to be called «A successful person»?  The answer to these questions is quiet simple: «You never know». And that’s how it is. Magic pills for being successful don’t exist, unfortunately. There is no certain written and declared plan of how to become successful. There is no step-by-step guidance or universal formula. But you can always become that «magic pill» and «write your own story of success».  The main subject of the project we were working at was - youth unemployment, which could never be associated with the word success.  Here is my main point : Everything starts with our choices, with a range of factors influencing and making pressure on a young person- the risks of making a lifedefining mistake increases. The strongest and the most independent ones will survive this and make their own choice, (most of the time followed by depressions, doubts, feeling loneliness and struggling with an anxiety). But those people, whose personality is not strong enough, will be crushed and broken. Which means – choosing wrong education - losing interest to improving knowledge – getting a «stable» job – spending life complaining about a cruelness of the world.  Some people could call it «natural selection» and say that not everyone is born to become successful. But what if with a next struggling person, who made a wrong choice, our planet will lose next Einstein, Zuckerberg, Sinatra or Disney?  In a modern world, which offers us an endless amount of opportunities, it’s never too late and never too early. Even if you’re flipping burgers, waiting tables or answering phones today, you never know where you’ll end up tomorrow.  I am happy to have become a part of Ukrainian team during an amazing project. Best regards and my personal respect to Increasing Employability... |