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Project Index No.: 2020-1-0057

Project title: Go remote: Unlocking the potential of remote job opportunities!


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Over the last decade, we have worked closely with thousands of young people and hundreds of youth organisations in Europe and beyond to help overcome the obstacles youth face when it comes to unemployment.  We have run hundreds of workshops, seminars, mobility projects and events to help youth build on their skills and talents and understand the local and international labour market.  We have worked with European and International institutions through various EU-funded frameworks to help find placements for youth and we continue to do this.  In July 2020, EU statistics revealed almost 3 million unemployed youth under the age of 25.

thimame Logo was created as part of a social enterprise project to help young people gain entrepreneurial skills and develop these skills to help them become independent and start or run their own businesses.  Every time you purchase something on you are contributing to youth education or community projects, so thank you for your support.