YOUth and democracy: empowering EUrope's next generation

Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values Programme (CERV)

Project: 101138763 — EU4YOUth

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"YOUth and democracy: empowering Europe's next generation" is a project of the Cities Network, framed in the CERV program. The promoter will be the City Council of Santa Comba, Spain, whose collaboration with 18 other countries of the European Union, will have as its main objective to
offer citizens the opportunity to express the type of Europe they want in the medium and long term. Investigate and promote measures to increase citizen and youth participation in the 2024 European Elections.

The main characteristic of this project is its strong transnational dimension, because thanks to the participation of 19 countries and 20 partners, a great impact will be generated in the participating territories:

Spain, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Portugal, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Poland, Croatia, Greece, Malta, Austria, France, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Romania, and Finland.

For 18 months, the citizens of these territories will participate on equal terms, by holding 6 events in 6 different countries.
Workshops for reflection, seminars, debates on issues of concern, round tables, conferences with experts and political representatives, exchanges of good practices, visits to public, social and cultural entities, citizen forums...

We will also hold meetings with volunteers. , public exhibitions and documentary projections with the aim of raising public awareness about values such as the multiculturalism of European citizenship, and the benefits of understanding and tolerance to feel like one's own the EU.

The project is expected to have a highly significant impact at all levels, not only in the participating municipalities but also at the European level through the dissemination of the results.

We predict the direct participation of more than 350 participants, until reaching the minimum of 5,000 participants indirectly.