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Eurojobs was first launched in 1994 as an online job service. Over the years gained a high place in the job search community and It slowly grew into a player in pan-European recruitment.

Thousands of recruiters and companies add their jobs and thousands of candidates and jobseekers browse through them. Currently, welcomes more than a million visitors per month. A growing community of job seekers and employers, united on

Since 2020, One Terrene International has taken over the initiative of operations and ownership of

The new current site is a reflection of the ideas and values behind One Terrene International Group and its efforts of helping local and international job markets. We are always working towards a more integrated European job market, showing the diversity and uniqueness of the European continent and the European Union. as a current initiative of One Terrene International Group follows the European Diversity Charter

We hope you will enjoy using our services and we hope that you will find your next job ventures and opportunities through

As a registered subscribed user on, you can select from various packages that suit your needs as a job seeker or employer and enjoy unique features.

Please note that is a registered trade name of One Terrene International and is not associated with any other company, entity or other that is using the name Eurojobs.