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COVID-19 | Risk Management (hosted in Cyprus)


Covid-19 Risk Management Guidelines During Erasmus+ Mobility (hosted in Cyprus)

Our main priority is participants safety during mobility.

At the same time, we want a comfortable, educational, interactive, productive and of course a fun project for all of us!

We all need human interaction and this is an opportunity to get out of the isolative environment from the pandemic!


We are establishing the below guidelines for risk management so that we can have the most comfortable and safest experience during the project.

  • Room allocations will be by country (and gender-based depending on the national group).
  • Participants must not interact with other guests of the venue and must not invite any friend or acquittance they know in the hosting country to come to visit them at the venue.
  • Participants, if they must interact with venue staff they must wear a mask. Wearing a mask is mandatory when in public spaces.
  • Participants, must not visit other areas outside of the venue region or any other regions or districts of Cyprus during the mobility.
  • Participants are required to wear a mask for all activities that are outside of the venue area. (venue area will be shown during the first day of activities.


  1. You must obtain an EU DIGITAL COVID CERTIFICATE .
  2. 72hrs before Arrival, you might need to obtain a negative PCR test from an EU authorised laboratory depending of your country unless you are vaccinated. (the costs of this test cannot be covered, unfortunately). In the case that the results of the test are positive, then the participant cannot join the project. The participant has the right to claim the real travel costs from their travel insurance or request a refund or date change or travel voucher from the travel provider. 
  3. 24hrs before Arrival, participants are requested to issue a CyprusFlightPass
  4. If you are vaccinated please refer to this CyprusFlightPass for vaccinated passengers.


  • On the arrival day participants as soon as they arrive at the airport depending on the outbound country category, might undergo a second PCR test. (the cost of this test WILL BE COVERED by the project. So please keep the receipts in order to be reimbursed. The results of the second PCR test will be known on the same or next day. 
  • Upon arrival at the venue, participants must check-in, grab a WELCOME LETTER at the reception and then stay in their rooms until dinner time. There will be no activities on the evening of the arrival day.
  • Follow the instructions on the Welcome Letter :) 

DAY 1:

Participants will gather at 10:00 in the morning at a specific outside area that will be announced in the Facebook group and/or welcome letter and must wear a mask until the results of the second PCR test are known. Antiseptic will be present provided by the hotel.

As soon as the results are known and:

  • In the case the result is negative; then the participants can interact normally throughout the duration of the mobility.
  • In the case the results are positive; then the specific participant and their roommates must self-isolate in their rooms. Leaders, in this case, need to ensure that their participants will participate via digital means in the activities, and throughout the duration of the programme. For breakfast, lunch and dinner we will follow the guidelines set up by the venue for such cases.


We will try to do most of the activities in outdoor spaces, in cases that we need to be inside, please wear your masks and keep your distances especially if there are other guests staying in the hotel. And of course, follow the General Safety Rules.


Organisers will announce available PCR/Rapid Testing locations near the venue so that participants can take the test if needed for return to their home country. (about costs please read the reimbursement guide). Ιn the unlikely event that a PCR/Rapid test is positive before returning to your home country then the Travel Insurance that participants should have will be able to cover any costs for either staying in the hosting country for quarantine or returning to your home country.



As measures change day by day we advise participants and leaders to be up to date from these helpful links:


PIO of the Government of Cyprus

ReOpenEU (helpful tool for travel planning)

Hermes Airports (Larnaca & Pafos) Travel Advice 

Cyprus Flight Pass 

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