OTI Network Updates:

COVID-19 | Mobilities, Erasmus+, ESC, Europe for Citizens


Our OTI family has already taken measures to postpone mobilities from all EU frameworks that would be implemented in 2020 and early 2021 some mobilities have already been re-scheduled for future dates and others will be announced soon.


Mobilities affected:

Youth Made Earth

The Democracy We Respect

Employment Opportunities Using Our Natural Resources

Active Citizenship in the 21st Century

From IM-migration to IN-tegration

Teamwork is Greenwork

Empowered Citizenship

The Future of Our Wellbeing

A Chance for Change: Empowerment & Restoration

The IsoNation

YoungSTARS 3

Branches of Hope

The Decade of Citizens


More information from europa.eu and EAC

More information from other OTI Departments 


Kind Regards and keep safe,

OTI Mobilities Department


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