"IsoNation against IsoLation", will be a transnational mobility project to engage youth participation in youth policy reform within the European Youth Together

"Iso" in Greek means "equal", by playing with words IsoNation means equal nations. Therefore "IsoNation against IsoLation" of nations due to the pandemic has made greater the need for youth participation and inclusion of youth in policy reform that affects the near future. As Europe and the World faces the negative aftermath of COVID-19 upon societies and youth, this project will bring together youth from all corners of Europe to engage in non-formal trainings and activities for sharing good practices in youth participation in policy reform.

From simulations to actual policy writing, youth organisations and public bodies will have the opportunity to share their experiences during their countries lock-down and how this affected their beliefs human rights, human interaction and psychological status.
How was education affected? How was the forced online education systems established and how did youth with fewer opportunities and disabilities establish their continuum of their education via online tools or did they not?

Partners will bring various solutions and ideas in order to prepare policies to prepare better for a (maybe) second pandemic wave.

This project will address #1 goal of the European Youth Strategy (2019 - 2027) "Inclusive Societies"under the framework of European Youth Together call for proposals.

We are interested mostly in partnership with public bodies such as schools, but NGO's are welcome too.