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Current Projects

Very often the list here gets updated with current running projects and events that network is implementing and organising or is partner with.

Completed Projects

Mobility projects/ Learning Opportunities that have been completed until now.

ESC Projects

Voluntary Service Projects that are currently running or have been completed. 


Dear Partners, Participants and friends,

I hope this email finds you well, safe and cozy at home 😊!

Relax take it slow and try to be productive and energetic in these difficult times that the whole world is facing due to this pandemic.

We simply wanted to share some info and love with you all, being part of our life for more than 8 years.

Below are the different announcements regarding COVID-19 and our network and departments.

We hope everything is going well on your side. Wishing you the best for you and your family.
Stay safe, be positive and be patient until this situation becomes the past.

We’re all together so stay strong! 💪
Everything is gonna be alright! 👌



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This project was one of the most beautiful experiences in my life. To be exact, the second most beautiful experience. When I was applying for this project I had no idea what was I getting into. But from the start, everything was so good! The accommodation, location, trainers, people. Everything was perfect! It surpassed all of my expectations. Also, one thing that I would like to point out is the fact that this project helped me a lot coping with the stress in my everyday life. I had so much laughter and fun that I forgot about my worries and stress. Withal, I hope that one day I will come back to Balan because I fell in love with the place and nature.

Dora Kolarić - Ready for the Next Age


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