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Inner Leadership

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Erasmus + : KA1 - Mobility of Youth Workers - Programme Countries

Place: Greece, Serres

Activity Dates: 16/07/2020 - 23/07/2020

Countries: Greece, Belgium, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Italy, Slovenia, Spain, Portugal, France

Participants per country: 3

Project Description:
Inclusion is one of the biggest challenges nowadays given the current situation all over Europe. This topic is a high priority in the Erasmus+ program: “Europe needs more cohesive and inclusive societies which allow citizens to play an active role in democratic life. Education and youth work are key to promote common European values, foster social integration, enhance intercultural understanding and a sense of belonging to a community, and to prevent violent radicalisation. Erasmus+ is an effective instrument to promote the inclusion of people with disadvantaged backgrounds.”
We consider youth workers as professionals for who inclusion is an important part of their work. In particular ‘youth at risk’ is an important target group for youth workers: young persons who feel excluded, disappointed, with little confidence and self-esteem are in a danger to get involved in extremist groups. Youth workers deliver important work by looking after young persons who dropped out. In this field, innovation is a part of professional development and very important to invest in.
We believe that Inner Leadership serves the young persons and youth workers in inclusion. Inner Leadership means: learning to make your own decisions and actions, and pay responsibility to your own decisions and actions. This means that you are the owner of your life because Inner Leadership gives direction to the life you want to life as a young person. Taking care, empathy and express yourself in many different ways are key points in this process. We use methods which are appropriate to detect feelings, values and senses under the surface, but also as a prevention tool by stimulating experiencing feelings and commitment on a deeper level, which can avoid exclusion and isolation.
A European project like this one is a great opportunity to see the issues in a different perspective and learn from different countries and cultures by sharing knowledge about new tools and more clarification about a common understanding of inclusion. It's also important to build a better European network and movement for young persons.

Cyprus can apply HERE until 30 of January 2020

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