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COVID-19 | Accounts Department


As you may know we are based in Cyprus and UK, and our Accounts Departments uses both headquarters to process travel documents.

Due to the ongoing outbreak of coronavirus worldwide, and taking into consideration that many measures taken by countries have created implications in the reimbursement processes of mobilities including our department, these are the measures that have been taken:

1. All mobilities that have been implemented in February and March 2020 in Cyprus, Greece and UK, have extended deadlines for submission of travel costs. This means that the deadline of 30 days to send originals by post is extended until the countries affected by the quarantine enforced in their countries are lifted. This is because during lock-down post offices are closed and participants and partners are unable to send the travel documents by post. However digital, scanned, photo of the documents should be upload on the platform within the 30 days to be still eligible for reimbursement.

2. All valid and completed procedures ready for reimbursement from mobilities that were implemented in November and December 2019, will be completed until April 15th 2020. (DONE) Some countries still remain as they have not submitted all documentation yet.

- Understanding Our Human Rights for a Better EU | YE-P - CY | 16/01/2020 - 24/01/2020:

We have done and completed all reimbursement procedures (Completed 100%)

- The Career of Your Life | YE - CY | 07/02/2020 - 15/02/2020 :

We have done and completed all reimbursement procedures (Completed 100%)

- Life Choices from Youth to Adulthood | YE - UK | 19/02/2020 - 27/02/2020 :

We have done and completed all reimbursement procedures (Completed 91.3%)

- When the Environment Creates | YE - EL | 05/03/2020 - 13/03/2020:

We have partially done and completed reimbursement procedures for most of the countries according to Erasmus+ Guide (Completed 98.46%)


4. Our mobilities departments have already taken measures to postpone mobilities from all EU frameworks that would be implemented in April, May and June, will be announced soon please activated notifications or signup for newsletters. 

If you are a participant that already bought travel transportation after our approval for a project that was going to be implemented in April, May or June, firstly you must try and claim the full amount from your travel insurance. If not possible, then please ask your travel provider if it's possible to change the dates of travel. As the mobilities are postponed and not canceled. (the new dates will be announced soon). Only in the case that if all the above are not possible, and you forward all communication between you and the travel insurance to us, then under the "force majeure" clause we will contact the National Agency specific for that project for further actions.

In the case of "force majeure" participants will receive reimbursements AFTER THE FINAL REPORT has been submitted after the end project dates have been reached and approved by the National Agency. This is because in case of force majeure the budget is revoked and only real costs will be reimbursed by the respective National Agency to the Coordinator and then to the beneficiaries and participants.

For any inquiries and further information do not hesitate to ask us using our HELP DESK

Working Hours of Accounts Department: Monday to Friday (10:00 - 17:00 UTC)


More information from europa.eu and EAC

More information from other OTI Departments

Thank you for your understanding and stay safe!

Kind Regards,

Accounts Department


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