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Say NO to Drugs, Say NO to Abuse

Erasmus+: KA1  Youth Mobility (Youth Exchange) 

Place: Cyprus

Dates: 23/02/2015 - 03/03/2015

Abuse of various substances is a major concern for our youth today.  Other than substance abuse there is also abuse of other things like social media, internet that cause additions in youth.  Many products that are readily available to any consumer could be dangerous and it is becoming easier to obtain these items and our youth are becoming more susceptible to these abusive substances. Our project is made up of young people who are susceptible to abuse, or have had experiences in the past and even some participants who are currently experiencing problems with regard to different forms of abuse and additions.  We will take the experiences and knowledge of these different young people and share this within the group in order to give our youth the tools to be able to fight against substance abuse, to be able to identify when peer pressure is pressuring them into doing things that are bad for them and to help them help others to escape from such circumstances  We will look at how easily accessible these substances are in the different regions and how authorities and policies in each country protect our youth. Our hope is to give the participants to tools to be independent and able to identify the different problems in each society and to help each other be stronger.  We also hope to share this knowledge and these ideas with policy makers so that policy reform can be made to protect our youth even more.


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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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