OTI Network Updates:


Training Course in Florina, Greece

01/02/2015 - 08/02/2015

10 Countries X 3 Participants = 30 participants

The type of the project is Training Course using interactive and creative methods of non-formal education. Training aims to equip 30 young people with competencies to develop local and/or international projects that promote peace, inter-cultural and inter-religious dialog and are against violence and hate speech. Main theme of the project is important role of the youth as peace builders and initiators for reconciliation within and between participating countries.

The main feature of this training is intercultural dialog for better understanding and resolutions of the intercultural, international and interreligious conflicts and tensions. One of the major objectives of this training is to truly become intercultural—to transcend the “us” versus “them” paradigm in order to join a greater whole, in which independent parts coexist in harmony within a greater ring of cooperation and understanding.

The idea is to foster mutual understanding of certain topics among youth from different cultures, promotes ICL and NFE, to provide space for networking and developing mutual projects, sharing knowledge and experience on subject and promote ERASMUS + programme as tool for cooperation.


In this training course, we want to involve - project managers, coordinators, young leaders, youth workers, volunteers, peer educators and also a youth activists, journalists, speakers who are active in non-governmental and non-profit organizations.

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