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PUPPET IT! - creative entrepreneurship - POLAND



"Puppet it! - creative entrepreneurship“ is a multilateral, international youth exchange project held between 23-30 September 2014 in Rabka-Zdrój. Town being the most famous SPA resort for children in Poland, which is the main reason to implement project exactly in there! Youth exchange is responding to youth needs due to difficult economic conditions and their will to improve skills.  


Main objectives of exchange are to raise awareness about a sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, that help to increase people chances for employment in the competitive labour market. To underline that entrepreneurial skills can also help young people adapt to other career paths and to intercultural working environment, especially with nowadays migration rate in Europe. How to use recycled materials in creative way in order to learn how to start up own business. Moreover, to promote intercultural dialogue and free exchange of European values among youth.


During a whole week of various and challenging activities using non-formal education methods and tools 40 youth workers, volunteers coming from 8 different European countries, namely – Cyprus, Czech Republic, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania will learn how to launch their own business by getting different entrepreneurial skills and practical knowledge. As an example of "start-up" participants will learn how to make by themselves puppets/dolls using recycled materials which are going to be use in creation of comic book with useful tips how to start up own business step by step.

Completed Project Site HERE 

See the results of the project. Download the THREE PUPPETEERS and the INGREDIENTS OF ENTERPRENEURSHIP  booklets.