OTI Network Updates:

N.E.W.S. - North East West South

Erasmus+: KA1  Youth Mobility (Youth Exchange) 

Place: London | UK

Dates: 19/01/2015 - 26/01/2015

Most people don’t know the difference between the EU and Europe, especially EU citizens. Realistically speaking most young people today don’t really understand the advantages of being a EU citizen, this is mainly because for most of the young people were too young when their countries joined the EU to notice any changes or differences. Those countries like the UK and Spain were members long before our youth were even born. Our Eastern European partners were part of the Soviet Union so the idea of the EU seems like an unreachable paradise. Sadly though these differences create barriers between our people. These differences and the lack of understanding of each other is what hinder cooperation between our youth in Europe. This project will include participants from the four corners of Europe and see how we cooperate as Europeans. We will discuss the differences of Europe and the EU and how we affect each other, and in which ways we influence each other. How different are we and how do we cooperate. How are youth influenced by these differences and how do these differences enhance cooperation or tension. We will see how the EU helps its European neighbours when they suffer difficult times. What do we expect from the EU and what it gives us. We will analyse what it means to be an EU citizen and what it means to be a European citizen. We will look at the different democratic systems in place and how these affect youth, their cooperation and how we as youth can bring Europe closer together.






This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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