Nautilos Search and Reascue Team also known as Nautilos SAR, is a non governmental, non profitable organisation was created in 2009 for the purpose of protecting and rescuing human lives. We are a voluntary organisation. One of our main goals is the training of people that are interested in rescuing procedures, accident preventions methods but also for providing help to people that have engaged in sea incidents.

A second but also very important goal is environment protection. Nautilos SAR organises several sea and beach cleanups every year.  Additionaly Nautilos SAR undertakes activities that conserve and protect marine environment. Nautilos Search And Rescue Team studies also methods of preserving sea life and the consequences of climate change, overfishing in Cyprus and monitors the underwater ecosystem. Our organisation in collaboration with the University of Cyprus participates in archaeological research. 

Nautilos SAR, in the need of education and awareness, implements European and National funded programs. We try to keep our youth active in various acitvities in many different fields:

  • Culture
  • Tradition
  • (Youth) Unemployment
  • Environment
  • Enterpreneurship
  • Skill Development

All our activities and events use non-informal methods of education.

Our organisation has evolved and has established other youth-oriented groups:

  • Nautilos Cycling Team. Every Tuesday. Starting point infront of the Strovolos Municipality Hall
  • Hiking Club in collaboration with OTI.

 As a voluntary organisation, we have implemented EVS (European Voluntary Service) programs since 2013. We have hosted 36 EVS volunteers from more than 10 different countries. Our organisation is accredited as "sending", "coordinating" amd "receiving" organsiation for EVS volunteers that wish to participate in such programs.

Since 2014 our Nautilos SAR belongs the OTI (One Terrene International) Network.

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 This project is the great step for me in practicing the English language. I have been learning it for 6 years but that was the first time I had an opportunity to communicate in English in real life. I could easily understand almost everything I was told but sometimes I had some problems with expressing my ideas. I can say that I have improved my listening, speaking, writing and reading skills as we had different tasks which presupposed using all types of speech activities. English language is the international language, it also helped me understand participants' cultures, peculiarities of their mentalities. Now I understand better my gaps in learning English and feel ready to remove them all.


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